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Why publish with Acute and Critical Care

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Why publish with Acute and Critical Care?

Since 2014, Acute and Critical Care (ACC ) offers:

Open access for reading, educating, applying, and no author charge

In ACC , your research is freely available to all from the time of publication by ahead-of-print. Readers do not need a subscription or to pay a one-time fee or register before they can access our articles. Educators, students, clinicians, researchers, patients, and policy makers worldwide can access and use our content without barriers of cost or access control. Others can build on your data to advance research in the field and expand the benefits of your work.
There is no author-side submission fee or article processing charge although ACC is an open-access journal. All publication costs are assumed by the publisher.

Fast and professional peer review

ACC is led by a team of experienced professional editors. We work closely with academic editors and peer reviewers to provide authors with an efficient, fair, and constructive review process.

Rapid publication and satisfaction for authors

As an author, you want your work to have great influence and be accessible to the widest possible range of readers. In addition to rapid decisions, most authors desire immediate publication after acceptance. If the manuscript is accepted after review and revision, it is published on the Journal’s homepage as an e-pub ahead of print. This enables the rapid presentation of new findings and opinions to the world before the final publishing process, including manuscript editing, English editing, PDF formatting, and XML production. If any article is cited by other articles, data are dispatched to the corresponding author of the cited article.


We send out email releases to ensure that articles have the greatest chance of being distributed. In addition, we promote articles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to encourage wide awareness and discussion.

Convenience for readers

Readers can easily read ACC articles through Android and iPad apps. They can enjoy reading with a format of PubReader or that of e-pub 3.0. These formats are convenient because of their consistent font size across all browsers or book-like reading interface. Print with a PDF format is also possible.
Owing to the cited-by function of references, readers can move to digital object identifier (DOI) landing pages. Readers can trace the most frequently cited articles, funded articles, and articles by author names. It is also possible to trace articles according to publication types. They can easily check the present status of every article through a check for updates (Crossmark) provided by Crossref. It is also easy to trace errata, corrigenda, retraction, or other changes in articles.
The Crossref text and data mining function of each article is a good source for systematic review or meta-analysis. Readers can benefit from access to the full texts of related articles. Download citation functions are provided in each reference style for articles.

Publication decisions not driven by impact factor

ACC provides you with article-level metrics to help assess your article's impact. Decisions to publish are based on the science and potential impact of the article for patients and policy, not based on whether an article is likely to affect the Journal's impact factor.

Post-publication commenting

Post-publication commenting allows readers and authors to engage in dialogue that is directly accessible from the full-text article.

ACC : Acute and Critical Care